Bay Partners


At Bay Partners, we focus on the finish line. We've helped over 250 companies go from start-up to successful liquidity, resulting in over $1 billion in exit returns. Funding a company is one thing. Bringing it to the perfect exit takes experience. We have been helping companies achieve gainful M&A and IPO transactions since 1976. Our founders were pioneers in Silicon Valley, funding legendary companies like Informatica, Geoworks, Shiva and Brocade.

Bay's latest two funds, Bay X and Bay XI, have produced some of the most successful returns in the industry, with 3 IPOs and 2 large M&A transactions in 2012 alone. In fact, 2012 was a good year for Bay Partners. Neal Dempsey was included in the Forbes Midas List because of the firm's successful transactions, including Guidewire, Eloqua and Enphase. In fact, the Wall Street Journal listed the Guidewire IPO as one of the most successful IPOs of the year.

Choosing an investment isn't the hard part for a Venture Capital firm. The hard part is guiding a company towards profitability and success. Bay Partners was one of the first VC firms established in Silicon Valley and has been driving liquidity for almost 40 years. Our experience in Silicon Valley is unmatched by any other firm, and we use our breadth and depth of industry knowledge to help companies grow, shift as needed and achieve market leadership. We've experienced all kinds of obstacles and survived even the toughest of times with our portfolio companies. Therefore, we know how to keep a company moving towards the finish line so they can ultimately feel the exhilaration of success.